Our Story

pocket team

When forming Pocket there was one goal in mind, which was to make a positive impact. The lead generation business sector has many flaws in which users and businesses are taken advantage of. Ultimately, the decision to create a Pocket was to solve a problem, a willingness to take risks and innovate, and a belief that a better solution is possible. While the journey may be difficult and fraught with challenges, the rewards can be significant, both in terms of personal fulfillment and the impact that the business can have on individuals and communities.

Local Contracting Solutions

Pocket was designed to match residential customers with local contracting solutions from handy man services to plumbing and air conditioning needs, and everything in between. 

Built with innovation in mind, Pocket utilizes advanced technology to streamline the process of matching customers with contractors.

Pocket is an innovative technology that provides contractors of all sizes with a low-cost offering, all-in-one solution to showcase their business and capabilities, and generate business within their in their geographical area.

Many of the competing technology companies charge contractors for services that we believe are not favorable to the contractors. In some cases, our competitors even charge the residential users. At Pocket, we never charge the residential user for accessing our platform. Our platform is a tool that allows customers to submit bids, review contractors, and make selections on the contractor of their choosing free of charge.

How It Works

4 Easy Steps

Create Ticket

Select the industry that you need and the radius in which you want your contractor to be within.

Describe Service

Describe the work that is needed to be performed and take photos that are relevant to the work needed.

Submit Ticket

Once you submit ticket, contractors within your area can bid on the work and inform you that they can provide the service. You may also submit a ticket directly to a Pocket Pro contractor.

Accept Contractor

Once you have been notified by a Pocket Pro contractor(s) you may accept the work from the contractor of your choosing, and schedule the work.

We are in the business of helping contractors to optimize their lead generation strategies and maximize their return on investment, all while giving the residential user the power to choose their contractor while keeping information secure.